Welcome to Southampton and District Philatelic Society. We are one of the leading and most active societies in the area and seek to cater for everyone interested in stamps and postal history, whether they are experienced philatelists or collectors new to the hobby.

Our programme covers a diverse range of activities including twice monthly evening meetings with first class speakers, auctions, bourse evenings, and competitions. There is also an afternoon meeting each month.

See the meetings page for our new ZOOM meetings schedule.
Keep an eye on Auction News for postal only auctions. The February/March 2021 Postal Auction Catalogue is available on the Auction News page.

Update on the Society’s Activities

Bugle Street and Chandler’s Ford Meetings:
Tuesday, July 6th: our evening meetings at Bugle Street resume. The first will take the form of the Annual General Meeting.
Additionally, during the evening, the Single Sheet Competition will be held.
Thursday, July 8th: afternoon meetings at Chandler's Ford resume.
Tuesday, July 20th: in-room auction planned. Further details will be published once this can be confirmed.
Tuesday, August 3rd: the regular pattern of evening meetings will be re-established.
Saturday October 16th: Grand Saturday Auction at Peartree Church Hall.
The full programme of events will be published at a later date.

Zoom Meetings:
the presentations given via the Zoom system have been very successful, with an increasing number of participants, including visitors and members who cannot get to face-to-face meetings. As ever, the range of topics is wide and inevitably entertaining. The plans are to continue with the pattern established of Zoom presentations on the first and third Tuesday of each month, but there may be some flexibility necessary in this arrangement. To date the presentations have been given by Society members, but we hope to have presentations from ‘visitors’ in the future. If you are interested in making a presentation or viewing the Zoom presentations please contact the Secretary .

the auction postponed from February 16th will take place as a postal auction. If you have not yet bid, please submit your bids by March 16th. See Auction News for details. If you have any material for auction, require guidance or further information, please contact Auction Manager .

Packet Circuits:
Monday, March 8th: the packet circuits resume, under the restrictions which operated prior to the most recent national lockdown. If you are not yet a member on the packet circuit, but wish to join and receive boxes, please contact me. Mel is accepting booklets for future packets, please let him have them when convenient.
For further details or information please contact Packet Manager Dr .

Postmark was published by the end of February. Members who would like to submit articles for future issues should contact Eddie Mays with their copy as soon as possible. The latest edition is also available online.

the Society remains in a good financial position despite a significant drop in income owing to the pandemic; this is a reflection of the prudent financial management of current and previous treasurers and the reserves built up to cover emergencies. Although less has been spent on hall hire, there have been some increased costs of printing, purchase of a Zoom Licence and additional postage costs.

there is a vacancy for the post of Competition Secretary. If you can help please contact Eddie or Mel.

Dr. Mel Bradshaw, Chairman, On behalf of the Committee

This notice last updated 27/02/2021

Click here to see additional Packet Circulation steps we are taking during this "no meetings" period.

Vendors for the auctions may list items for sale by means of an excel spreadsheet. Email our Auction Manager to request a template.

We have a table at HAMPEX each year to meet members old and new. We often organise trips to national philatelic events such as SWINPEX, MIDPEX and STAMPEX. Our full programme may be seen by clicking the Meetings button on the left hand navigation bar.

Members receive Postmark which is published quarterly and contains news of local activities as well as our auction lists insert. In addition there is a busy exchange packet which circulates frequently giving members another opportunity to purchase items to add to their collections. We have an extensive library which is open to members on club nights.

We are looking forward to a better 2021 - our 89th Year.

If you are interested in stamps or philately in general then you cannot afford not to be a member. Just click on the Membership button for more information. For general queries go to the Contacts page.

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