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In this section of the website you will find links to recordings of our video presentations (Zoom meetings) which have been upload to YouTube for you to view again.

Just click on the presentation title to open the video in a new browser window/tab. Then click the symbol at bottom left of the video frame to start it from the beginning.

Presenter                     Date                          Presentation Title
Julian Jones1 September 2020Anglo-US Postal treaty 1849-1867
Peter Wingent17 September 2020Imperial Airways at Southampton, Empire Flying Boat Services, 1936 ~ 1940
Malcolm Coe20 October 2020British forces in Egypt 1932-35
Michael Torreggiani 17 November 2020Russian Allied Zone in Germany
Gerald Marriner20 April 2021WWII Belgian Congo postal history
Colin Tabeart1 June 2021The miscellaneous collection of a butterfly mind
Malcolm Gascoyne28 September 2021De La Rue Printing Technology
Rex Dixon26 October 2021The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39
Colin Tabeart1 February 2022Submarine mail
Malcolm Coe22 February 2022Early Sudan postal items
Paul Brinklow29 March 2022Introduction to Postcard Collecting
Gerald Marriner31 May 2022Early stamps & postal history of the Belgian Congo
Malcolm Gascoyne28 June 2022Coffee houses of London
Steven Gerrard27 September 2022The Berlin Motor Show
SDPS Members31 January 2023SDPS New Year Jamboree
Richard Hindle28 February 2023Amundsen’s Maud Expedition 1918-1925
John Scott28 March 2023The Evolution of the Postcard
Claire Scott25 April 2023Death by Post
Mike Vokes30 May 2023Lighthouses: The Guiding Light to a Thematic Collection
Dr Michael Waugh27 June 2023Penang - a philatelic story
Barry Feltham25 July 2023Apollo Part 2 - Landing on the Moon
Richard Moss26 September 2023Tristan da Cunha Volcano Period 1961-63 & Gough Island Post Office 1955-57
Julian Bagwell28 November 2023British Levant from start to finish
Richard Stock27 February 2024Sudan: the development of postal communications
Janet and Nick Nelson26 March 2024Puerto Rico
Daphne McMillan FRPSL30 April 2024Illustrated Airgraphs of World War II
Jean Alexander FRPSL28 May 2024Supermarket Philately Part 1
Alan Godfrey FRPSL25 June 2024Rowland Hill, Genius and Benefactor

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