The Library

The Society maintains an extensive library of books and periodicals which may be borrowed by members, usually for one month at a time. The following library listing is organised by category and country. A Book Loan Form may be downloaded and completed to present to the Librarian.

The online library list is in PDF format and allows searching by means of the search function built into your PDF reader. The index shows the structure of the catalogue listing.

Displays by visiting speakers

View a selection of slide-show displays given by previous speakers.

Society Collections and Archive

The Curator of the Society Collection maintains a list of our holdings. Refer to a listing of the collection.

The Society Archivist maintains a meticulous record of the Society's transactions and correspondence here.

For a list of Southampton slogan postmarks refer to this page.

For a list of Southampton Squared Circle cancellations refer to this page.

A stock taking record of all the postmarks in use at Southampton head post office for January 20-21st 1862:

Southampton Postmarks - click to view a bigger copy

Happily, this is a scan of the original sheet kindly provided by Peter Richards.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader free software download to read and print the document if not already installed on your computer: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files

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