Special Coronavirus Pandemic Considerations

Update to Packet Circuit Operation - November 2020

Following the Government's announcement of a (minimum) four week lockdown from Thursday, November 5th, packet circuits will be suspended until restrictions are eased. Members who have boxes on Thursday, 5th November should keep them safe until the next opportunity arises for transfer.

Mel Bradshaw
(Packet Manager)


In view of the relaxation of lockdown guidance the Packet Circuits have restarted with the following guidance/rules.

  1. The 3-day rule is relaxed to allow sufficient time to make convenient transfer arrangements. In any case, it is recommended that you do not pass on a box until at least 3 days have elapsed following receipt.
  2. There is now no need for the recipient to sign the payment/transfer slip.
  3. The member passing the box on posts the slip to the packet manager if purchases have been made with payment (but see 6 below) or, if no purchases made, confirms the transfer of the box, preferably by email to the Packet Manager (see below).
  4. The receiving member contacts the Packet Manager by email (or telephone on either 023 8078 5785 or 07973 696291, or by text to 07973 696291) to confirm receipt of the box, including details of the box number.
  5. Please telephone the next member due to receive the packet to confirm they wish to receive it and then to arrange transfer arrangements. If the member does not wish to receive the packet, please move on to the next person on the list. There is no requirement to pass the box directly from one member to another member, but it is vital that the member receiving the box is at home to take the box in immediately.
  6. Small cash payments should be accumulated and sent by cheque periodically. Please let the Packet Manager know by email, telephone or text the summary details of purchases made and the box number. Send the slip, or accumulated slips, together with a cheque to the Packet Manager.
  7. Members should take appropriate care when handling boxes, including the use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of (disposable) gloves, including when transferring boxes to the next circuit member.

This arrangement will help to ensure the safety of all individuals, and may be necessary even when the government lifts restrictions completely.

(Packet Manager)
June 2020

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