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Items available from the Auction Manager

In this section of the website you will find lists of material currently available from the Auction Manager. This will include future auction catalogues as well as lists of unsold items from the previous auction. Where other material is available in good quantity and / or completeness this will also be listed.

2021/2022 Auctions

Unsold lots from October

There will not be an unsold lots list following the October Auction.

If you want to check out any specific lot numbers to see if they are still available, then just contact . There may be some limited opportunities for browsing at Bugle Street, again contact Kevin.

Postal Auction of Postal History

We are in the process of selling a substantial collection of Postal History with links to Norfolk, Suffolk, Devon, Essex and Southampton / Hampshire included. The list of entires and covers is available here.

The items will be sold at listed prices, with reasonable offers being accepted.

Some lots have emboldened lot numbers, and this indicates those lots we deem to be especially interesting / the more valuable items.

Further items from this collection will be available through our regular auction programme.

All bids should be sent to the Auction Manager ideally by email to or by post to 27 Battle Close, Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO31 7ZF.

Future Auctions

Our first Auction of 2022 will be held on the evening of Tuesday 18th January. Lists of material to be entered into the Auction can be sent to Kevin Chard by any electronic method or ideally by using the form below.

Kevin Chard
Auction Manager

Material for future auctions

If you have any material for auction, require guidance or further information, please contact Auction Manager .

Form for entering lots for future Auctions

The auction manager has supplied a form in the format of a spreadsheet on which vendors may list lots for our upcoming auctions. You may download the form if you are comfortable completing a Microsoft XLSX spread sheet.

Form to list lots for the auction

Please enter your name and contact details and then enter lots by category, description and reserve in GB£. When complete, please email the form to .


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