Welcome to Southampton and District Philatelic Society - join us for our 90th year in 2022

We are one of the leading societies in Hampshire and try to cater for everyone interested in collecting stamps and postal history, whether they are experienced philatelists or collectors new to the hobby.

The Southampton & District Philatelic Society celebrates its 92nd birthday in 2024.

On the 17th May 1932 an article appeared in the Southern Daily Echo announcing the preliminary meeting of the Southampton Philatelic Society at Lowman's Café, Above Bar. Due to the Second World War the Society had to close but on the 28th January 1946, the Society reformed. The War saw all of the society records destroyed due to the bombing and was started anew.

The Society grew slowly over the coming years with the Society publication "Postmark" appearing in 1948 and it is still the Society Flagship Publication today. In May 1952 the Society organised the 34th Annual Philatelic Congress of Great Britain at the Polygon Hotel. The society hosted the 6th Annual Convention of the Hampshire Philatelic Federation in May 1976 and the 64th British Philatelic Federation Congress of Great Britain in 1982.

Please check our website for the current programme.

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